Dr. Ramsøy

July 2, 2008

My PhD thesis was well defended on June 16. Opponents were Kenneth Hugdahl from the University of Bergen, and Lars Nyberg from the University of Umeå. The opponents were headed by Steen Hasselbalch, and my supervisors were Olaf B. Paulson, Terry L. Jernigan and William Baaré. Articles are still pending, waiting for the final analysis through SPM5, but a draft of each article will be posted here soon.

Now for new work in neuroeconomics, decision neuroscience, neuromarketing etc etc (whatever you may call it)



PhD defense

May 8, 2008

My PhD thesis defence is set to June 16. I will be back with more information later.

PhD thesis

December 23, 2007

My PhD thesis is now submitted and available for you to read. It is to be defended before March 3 2008.

New neuromarketing article

November 26, 2007

Together with Martin Skov, I’ve just had an article (in Danish) on neuromarketing in Kommunikationsforum, and online site for marketing and communication. You can read the article here.

3D animation of MTL

August 15, 2007

Here is a neat little animation for you to see It shows a nice view of medial temporal lobe regions, consisting of temporopolar cortex (red), perirhinal cortex (yellow), entorhinal cortex (blue), amygdala (cyan), hippocampus (green) and parahippocampal cortex (purple).

The animation was made by my colleague at DRCMR; Arnold Skimminge, based on ROI drawings I made on one subject in my ageing study. Basically, what we use these for are to study the effects of age on changes in volume, BOLD fMRI responses, and perfusion. More on that later. I’m busy writing my thesis … only 2½ weeks left, and still plenty to do…

Textbook — finally out!

July 23, 2007

textbook.gifThe excellent new textbook entitled “Cognition, Brain and Consciousness”, edited by Bernard Baars and Nicole Gage, is finally out from Academic Press. It’s a highly readable book, rich in illustrations and examples. Judging from the reviews it has received so far, it’s going to be a popular book. I participated in writing the two chapters on brain imaging methods, one on the “surface intro level”, and another more in-depth description of methods. In a similar vein, other authors have contributed to both an easy introduction as well as more in-depth discussions, making the book accessible to both a broad audience as well as an update to those already in the field of cognitive neuroscience (I learnt a lot by reading other author’s chapters).

Interviewed on DR

March 24, 2007

logo_inter_tcm6-36791.gifDR Radio has started a documentary series on brain science called “Hjernerejsen“. This week’s about “the brain in love”, and in two week’s time, I’m joining in on a discussion on neuroethics. That would be April 5. at 3 pm. I’ll bring more later

Update I: link to the interview is here, and has links to the audio file, even a podcast.

Update II: I was also interviewed about neuromarketing, which came on April 19. see here