Interviewed on DR

March 24, 2007

logo_inter_tcm6-36791.gifDR Radio has started a documentary series on brain science called “Hjernerejsen“. This week’s about “the brain in love”, and in two week’s time, I’m joining in on a discussion on neuroethics. That would be April 5. at 3 pm. I’ll bring more later

Update I: link to the interview is here, and has links to the audio file, even a podcast.

Update II: I was also interviewed about neuromarketing, which came on April 19. see here



Brain on vacation

March 19, 2007

This week (as well as the preceding one) I’ll be on vacation. Or, rather, I’ll be at home doing other stuff such as gardening, building, restoring, cleaning and other meaningful practical stuff. With the birch blossoming I wonder: how’s the brain on vacation? And how is the brain on allergy? I’ll have to dwell on that for some time…at least until the birch has stopped nagging me.