Brain on vacation

March 19, 2007

This week (as well as the preceding one) I’ll be on vacation. Or, rather, I’ll be at home doing other stuff such as gardening, building, restoring, cleaning and other meaningful practical stuff. With the birch blossoming I wonder: how’s the brain on vacation? And how is the brain on allergy? I’ll have to dwell on that for some time…at least until the birch has stopped nagging me.



On starting a new site

January 19, 2007

tzr_small.jpgHere is my new site, and welcome to it.

I have been so happy with the wordpress system on the BrainEthics as well as the Science & Consciousness Review that I wanted to use it for my own system.

I am currently working on transfering most of my site to this spot now, and will have to deal with the problems as they come. If you have questions, please contact me at thomasr AT drcmr DOT dk