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I am a cognitive neuroscientist, trained in clinical and theoretical neuropsychology. My work focuses on a range of different aspects within this sphere of interests, a few of which I will mention here.

NEUROECONOMICS – I am currently working as a Senior Researcher at the Decision Neuroscience Project, a position at the Copenhagen Business School and the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance. The main aim is to study decision making processes, and the underlying mechanisms leading to preference formation and decisions in life-like situations, using functional neuroimaging methods to study, e.g., gambling, consumer behaviour and political reasoning. In addition, we expect to study pathological states such as ludomania, conmulsive shopping and brain lesions. Together, these studies are expected to provide novel information about the neural bases of decision making, and to inform economic models of decision making.

brains_.gifBRAIN IMAGING – My work at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance focuses on different ways of measuring the living brain, including morphological and functional studies. Recently, the use of MRI approaches is being combined with other modalities such as genotyping and PET scanning, through the new CIMBI project.

gestalt.gifVISUAL COGNITION – What makes us see, recognise objects, encode and recall them. In my Ph.d. project I am studying the medial temporal lobe, and especially the sub-structures that this area consists of. The research is focused on the perirhinal cortex, an area of intense research these days, and the site of the earliest identified neuropathology in Alzheimer’s disease.

face.gifCONSCIOUSNESS – I have been involved in different studies of consciousness, both from a neurobiological approach but also more methodologically, i.e. how we study consciousness empirically in a valid way. I have been involved from the beginning of the Science & Consciousness Review, an online journal/e-zine for the scientific study of the mind.

fmri3.jpgNEUROETHICS – From neuroscience research, several issues are currently being raised about what the study of the mind actually does to humanity. Is our understanding of ourselves as humans being challenged? Is brain science capable of transcending the natural capacities of the human mind? These issues are raised and discussed in our blog, BrainEthics.

About me

Projects and other work

I was born on the 19. April, 1973 in Oslo, Norway. I grew up in Oslo and moved to Denmark in 1994.

I am now a certified MSs in Psychology (cand.psych.aut.), trained in clinical, empirical and theoretical neuropsychology.

I was married 1999 to Majken Zoëga Ramsøy, artist, art teacher, and have two sons; Mike (born 1991) and Frederik Malte (born 1999)

I enjoy living in Rørvig, close to the water, to go fly fishing, enjoy arts, music and literature.



1992: Hellerud videregående skole, Gymnasium

1993: Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

1994: Examen Philosophicum, Philosophy intro. course, Un. of Oslo

1999: BA Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Psychological Dept., consisting of studies in Psychology at: University of Tromsø, Norway; NTNU University of Trondheim, Norway

2001 MA Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Psychological Dept. Copenhagen, DK

2005: Certified MSc in Psychology, cand.psych.aut. Copenhagen, DK

(December 2007: PhD thesis submitted)

1993-94: Market researcher, interviewer, Scan-Fact A/S

1994-95: Research assistant, University of Tromsø, Dept. of Psychology

1995-96: Assistant nurse, Psychiatric Dept., Bispebjerg Hospital

1996-97: Assistant nurse, coordinator, Trondheim Town, Strinda district

1997-2000: KAP Skovvænget, Psychiatric Dept., Copenhagen County

1999-2001: Research assistant, The Copenhagen Aphasia Study, Bispebjerg Hospital, Neurological Dept.

2001-02: Neuropsychologist (tenency), Hvidovre Hospital, Psychiatric Dept

2002-03: Neuropsychologist, The Lions Collegium (rehab. facility),

2003: Consultant Neuropsychologist, the Dementia Clinic, Odense University Hospital

2003-04: Junior Research Fellow, MR-dept., Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital

2003-07: Ph.d. student, MR-dept., Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital

Supported by Copenhagen University Focus area “Body and Mind”


MRI: functional MRI, structural MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, ASL

Statistical software: MatLab, SPM2, SPM5, SPSS, Statistica, ViSta, R, MiniTab, Register, Display, MIPAV, FSL

Stimulus software: E-Prime, Presentation, PsychLAB

Neuropsych batteries: CANTAB, MSU 1-2, RH basis battery, PALPA, PICA, WAB 1+2, MMPI-2, NEO-PI-R


Science & Consciousness Review — Managing editor

BrainEthics blog — coeditor

SCR Newsletter, Mind & Brain, Bevidsthed — moderator

Nordic Network for Consciousness Studies — administrator


Statistical parametric mapping (SPM2), University College London, Queen’s Square

MRI introductory course, University of Lund, Sweden

Epileptology for neuropsychologists, University State Hospital (Rigshospitalet), Copenhagen, DK

Human Brain Mapping 2005 Toronto, Canada

2nd International Imaging Genetics Conference Irvine, USA



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